Traveling In Style Across Europe: How You Can Rent Beach Villas And Other Luxury Lodgings

There are dozens of ways you can experience Great Britain and Europe, among which are the many different lodging types. If you are on a tight budget, you can stay in a hostel or camp in a campground. More and more tourists, however, are opting for more luxurious settings and places to stay, and these vacation rentals are far more private than a hotel and much more personal than a hostel. Here is how you can rent everything from "castles" to beach villas and get a real taste of British and European coastal life.

There Is an App for That

Certain vacation home rental companies connect home and property owners to potential renters. The owners post their properties with details and pricing via company apps. The apps can be downloaded to your phone for free, and you can make a long-distance, overseas call to place your reservation, or you can book through the app. If you book through the app, follow- up with the owner to verify that your reservation was received.

Vacation Property Websites and Real Estate Connections

Separate from the apps on your smartphone that help you book lodgings internationally, there are websites and real estate agency connections in Britain and all across Europe that can connect you to owners and places you want to stay. You can browse and book beach villas that are more like private homes and farms close to the ocean, or you can book larger, castle-like homes perched on cliffs and overlooking the water. If you can swing it financially, there are even castles in the listings, which you can book for a minimum of two nights to as many nights, weeks or months that you want. The owners of these properties manage their maintenance and some even provide extra amenities such as grocery delivery and cook service.

International Tourism Boards

If you want to be certain that the place you are staying in is pleasant and clean, you can connect to international tourism boards and travel agencies. Both seasoned travel agents and the tourism boards have records of beach front properties and luxury lodgings that are legitimate, safe, healthy and clean. The tourism boards frequently keep records on any property owner that does not meet tourism and travel standards too, so if you are considering a property rental from one site, but want to perform a rental history check on the property and its owner, the tourism boards might have that information. (You may or may not be able to reserve a property through the tourism boards or travel agencies, depending on what country you are trying to access.)